Woman Takes 50 CVS Homeopathic Sleeping Pills To Prove They’re Fake (Video)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Rd3Saoktc0]

The word homeopathic may sound healthy, but what it really seems to mean when attached to a drug is that the product doesn’t contain any real medicine.

Homeopathic drugs are diluted to the point where the active ingredient is not strong enough to have the desired effect.

There is an unproven theory that dilution makes drugs stronger, so it’s almost as if the companies that make these drugs are pulling some sort of bizarre social experiment to see if the public will believe a lie if it sounds true.

Here is a woman named Yvette, who calls herself the Science Babe, proving just how useless these drugs are by taking 50 homeopathic sleeping pills at once.

Spoiler alert: She lives.

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