What This Person Found In Their Chocolate Is Disgusting — Nothing Is Sacred!

When I treat myself to a chocolate bar, I just want to unwrap it and enjoy the thing without any fuss.

Chocolate is one of the true joys of life, but apparently, when it goes wrong, it goes really wrong.

One Redditor opened a shipment of nine dark chocolate bars, some with cherry in them, only to find a little extra protein mixed in.

Redditor SandpaperThoughts posted these skin-crawling pictures of worms throughout the nine chocolate bars shipped to their house.

Another user, nord_vegr, chimed in with this insight: “I know someone who worked in a chocolate factory, and she told me that she never ate chocolate with nuts in it, because as she said: “upon inspection, when it came to nuts, we never asked whether there might be worms, the question was the amount.”

But these chocolate bars didn’t even have nuts: three were dark chocolate and six had cherries.

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SandpaperThoughts contacted the chocolate manufacturer. They requested that the wormy bars be sent back to them for analysis.

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After a month, SandpaperThoughts received a package and a letter that said, “the store didn’t store chocolate in proper conditions and that a certain species of a butterfly ha[d the] ability of poking microscopic holes in [the] chocolate wrapper.”

Unsurprisingly, the company’s replacement package did not contain any chocolate.

Next time you pick up a chocolate bar, remember to give it a once-over before stuffing it in your face. But in case you forget, take comfort in knowing eating worms is healthy.

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