Type-III 5pc Liquid Filled Zipper Pull Compass Set for Paracord Projects or Bug-Out Bags (2nd Gen)

These pocket sized compasses are a perfect accent to your hiking packs or paracord projects. They double as zipper pulls, key fobs, or an emergency compass. The small compass is liquid filled for extremely accurate readings. The clasp opens and closes so you can remove the included nylon rope and replace it with paracord or other cordage. The clasp can fit two ends of 550 cord making it a great piece to cap your paracord tips. Loop them on your bug-out bag, hiking pack, or use them to accent a paracord project. You can also hand them out to your group before a hiking expedition so nobody loses their way.

Note: multiple quantity orders will be shipped in bulk unless individual packaging is requested.

*This product is exclusive to Type-III Products. It comes in a sealed package with our trademarked logo and header card.*

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