Cold Showers Feel Terrible, But Here Is Why You Should Absolutely Take Them

Showering is something most people do every day to stay clean and smelling fresh. Not much thought goes into it beyond that. You hop in, scrub-a-dub-dub, rinse off, and hop out. Well, there’s apparently a lot more science to showering than you thought. In fact, if you’re taking hot showers every day, you are kind […]

Drinking More Water Could Be As Good For You As Walking Over Two Miles

[youtube] Let’s face it: Saying “no” to bread and dessert is sad. That’s why we(and the fine folks over atWebMD) would like to propose another solution: drinking water. I know, I know. It sounds way too simple. But according to research, drinking more water can seriously help you cut calories. Here’s how it works:Water […]

Putting Seltzer In Your Vodka Sodas Actually Doesn’t Make Them Healthier

Health nuts already know soda can clean the rust off a car and wreak havoc on the human body, but perhaps sparkling water and seltzer, sodas sugarless soft-drink siblings, can fill the soda void and keep drinkers healthy. FALSE. IT CANT. IT WONT. *BUZZER SOUND* WRONG-O. NOPE. SORRY. MOVE ON. Sadly, carbonated water still contains […]