If One Of These People Were My Mother Or Father, I'd Have To Lock Myself Up

The city of Detroit is undergoing painful bankruptcy proceedings, the likes of which we’ve never seen. A key component of that includes slashing the pensions and health care of already retired city workers. What a great message to younger generations of working people — work hard all your lives just to get screwed. And yes, […]

We Tell The World When Our Kids Get Bumps And Bruises, But Why Are We Silent If This Happens?

Mental health issues aren’t something to be ashamed of, but there’s still a stigma that prevents many people from sharing or even asking for help. Don’t you think it’s time we changed that? Read more: http://upworthy.com/we-tell-the-world-when-our-kids-get-bumps-and-bruises-but-why-are-we-silent-if-this-happens

Meet Nima, the food tester that could change your life.

During her studies at MIT, Shireen Yates felt sick all the time. She couldn’t figure out why. She assumed her problem was stress until her doctor informed her it was gluten plus dairy, soy, and eggs. Suddenly, Shireen had food allergies. Meet Shireen Yates, co-founder and creator of 6SensorLabs. Hi, Shireen! Photo by 6SensorLabs, used […]