Photographer Catches The Beauty Of ‘Curvy’ Women

A fashion photographer is aiming to change the way that society views curvaceous women by publishing a book that shows the variety in women’s figures.  New Yorker Victoria Janashvili is the woman behind book ‘Curves.’ She has previously had  her work featured by the likes of GQ, Maxim, and Cosmopolitan. ‘My personal projects have always been […]

12 celebs whose acts of kindness cannot be overstated

Woody Harrelson While attending a fabulous party in New York, Woody was apparently approached by a homeless woman looking for spare change. Instead of saying no, Woody opted to hand over $600 to this woman. According toThe Daily News, when the woman recognized the actor, she said, “Thank you Woody! White men CAN jump!” Angelina […]

These Creepy New ‘Werewolf’ Cats Act Just Like Dogs

Ever wished you could have a cat that acted like a dog? This week, a new ‘werewolf’ cat breed was introduced to the world. And they’re prettymuch the best of both worlds. Lykoi (Greek for wolves) have earned the nickname because they’re bred to act like hound dogs rather than cats.They wag their tails, track […]