Norway Tests New Naval Strike Missile

Norway just developed and finally tested their new Naval Strike Missile. The new cruise missile boasts fire and forget technology, much like those informercials for cheap, ‘set it and forget it,’ counter cooking devices, but a lot more serious and expensive. Kongsberg tested the missile and recorded it by literally flying next to it. Read more […]

Self-Proclaimed ‘Fat Girl’ Dances To Fight Body Shaming

Whitney Thore grew up healthy and fit. But after being diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome she quickly gained 200 pounds in two years.  She was shocked at how differently she was treated as a ‘fat girl’ as she felt the same inside.  After struggling with weight issues and depression for years, she decided it was finally time […]

The Scarecrow Animated Short Film

Burrito restaurant Chipotle in on a mission to not only serve higher quality food than the competition, but to also educate the public on what’s really going on behind the curtain of corporate fast food.  And what better way to explain the behind the scenes than with a computer animated short film and smartphone app?  The health […]