If You See Kids Sitting Like This, Stop Them — It’s More Dangerous Than It Seems

If you’re a parent, you probably know the relief that comes along with watching your little ones take a break from running around in favor of sitting down to read, write, and color. While these restful activities give parents peace of mind, these seemingly innocuous moments can actually harm kids in the long run. The […]

Dad Doesnt Get Why His Fiance Is Always TiredThen He Walks In & Sees Who Shes Sleeping With

“When I come from work she is always ‘tired’. Now it’s me who has been at work doing stuff all day…” Sometimes, working dads just don’t understand what it is their stay-at-home momsactually doall day while they’re out slaving away and making the money. Such was the case for Tony Emms. His fiance always talked […]