Cold Showers Feel Terrible, But Here Is Why You Should Absolutely Take Them

Showering is something most people do every day to stay clean and smelling fresh. Not much thought goes into it beyond that. You hop in, scrub-a-dub-dub, rinse off, and hop out. Well, there’s apparently a lot more science to showering than you thought. In fact, if you’re taking hot showers every day, you are kind […]

Tired Of How He Looked And Felt, He Changed Everything The Results Are Amazing

Like many teenagers, Austin Shifflett was on the receiving end of bullying in high school. He was self-conscious about his weight, and the fact that his fellow classmates taunted him for it only made him fall deeper into depression. But when he went on medication, it only made things worse — a side effect of […]

Eating Blindfolded Causes Something Extremely Peculiar To Happen

Dark dining has been a popular culinary trend for a few years now. People are blindfolded and put in a dark space where they cannot see what they’re eating. Some say it enhances flavors and the overall dining experience, but is this actually true? Well, according to a recent study, eating and seeing do have […]

You’ll Never Believe The Innovative Thing This Guy Did With A Trash Can

Every year, the average American eats nearly 18 pounds of bacon. And while it’s great to get your bacon fill by buying a package of the smokey meat from the store, why not make it yourself? If your first thought is that it’s difficult, expensive, and convoluted to smoke meat, think again. All you need […]

This Lion Looks Ferocious But He Refuses To Drop His Blankie For The Cutest Reason

When you think of an animal shelter, you probably picture a place where rescued cats and dogs stay until some kind soul takes it upon themselves to adopt them. The majority of our nation’s shelters are just like that, but there are also organizations that house more…exotic animals. After all, dogs and cats aren’t the […]