Better Than A Magic Trick: See A Disease That's Crippled Millions Disappear Before Your Eyes

Here’s something cool: Teamwork … works. I mean, the red on this map didn’t disappear on its own! But the biggest win of all will come when the remaining three countries (Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan) are able to join us. Congratulations to all involved in this global health success, decreasing polio cases by 99% around […]

All The Things You Thought Were Healthy In College That So Obviously Weren’t

Going off tocollege is an amazing experience. However, every student knows living on campus can totally wreakhavoc on your healthy habits. Between buffet-style dining halls, late night snacking sessions and bingedrinking on the reg, there are all sorts of things that will make you pack on the pounds and gain the dreaded Freshman 15 if […]

Battling Male Chimps Are Less Stressed With Male Friends By Their Side

Male chimpanzees can be quite violent creatures, often going to war over territory, or resorting to murder to take out a rival. Its also known that they can form lasting friendships with other male chimpanzees, which appears to be linked to a longer lifespan. New research, as reported by New Scientist, has revealed that male […]