Meet Nima, the food tester that could change your life.

During her studies at MIT, Shireen Yates felt sick all the time. She couldn’t figure out why. She assumed her problem was stress until her doctor informed her it was gluten plus dairy, soy, and eggs. Suddenly, Shireen had food allergies. Meet Shireen Yates, co-founder and creator of 6SensorLabs. Hi, Shireen! Photo by 6SensorLabs, used […]

8 mental health tools that fit in your pocket and won’t break the bank

Mental health stigma is an unfortunate thing. It makes it so much harder to take care of yourself when you’re having a moment (or a long moment) of struggle because you feel like you have to hide. Problem: I just need some help chilling out. Read more:

This town is tackling education, nutrition, and crime by growing fruits and veggies.

Can you imagine fighting crime with fruits and vegetables? Not with some sort of make-believe banana gun. I’m talking about the real thing here! It sounds a little out there, but believe it or not, the tactic worked for one particular Texas town. And that’s not the only thing that changed. Over on the East […]