5 Hangover Myths Your Drunk Ass Should Finally Stop Falling For In 2016

Whatever our ambitious resolutions for 2016 may be, the vast majority of us will be striving for one thing, and one thing only on the morning of January 1 to find a cure for our miserable hangovers. After an epic night spent ringing in the new year, dizzy with fresh hopes and dreams heightened by […]

Here’s How Much Exercise It Takes To Burn Off Your Crazy Night Out (Video)

Ah, the new year. ‘Tis the season for blank slates, new beginnings and an opportunity to finally achieve that goal you set at the beginning of 2015. Because 37 percent of people make resolutions related to ifitness and health and 32 percent resolve to lose weight, we’re going to guess your 2016 resolution has at […]