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UN Worker Dies of Ebola in Germany

by Weldon
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Health workers wearing protective gear wait to carry the body of a person suspected to have died from Ebola, in Monrovia, Liberia, Monday Oct. 13, 2014.Image: AP Photo/Abbas Dulleh/Associated Press BERLIN — A United Nations medical worker who was infected with Ebola in Liberia has died despite “intensive medical procedures,” a German hospital said Tuesday. The St. Georg hospital in Leipzig said the 56-year-old man, whose name has not been released, died overnight of the infection. It released no further details and did not answer telephone calls. The man tested positive for Ebola on Oct. 6, prompting Liberia’s UN peacekeeping […]

Why A Travel Ban Won’t Stop The Ebola Crisis From Spreading

by AlonzoF
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As the country becomes more and more used to the idea of Ebola being in America, many have called for the President to enact a travel ban from the affected countries in Africa. He has refuted this idea and said repeatedly that a travel ban would be counterproductive to our efforts to stop the crisis. Obama is right; a travel ban would do more harm than good, for several reasons. When it comes to battling an outbreak like Ebola, there is a “tried and true” method for stopping the spread. If you have seen any Zombie or outbreak movie, you […]

Why did Obama tap Klain as Ebola Czar? Here’s why (Hint: Not to protect US)

by A-Curran-Diet
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http://twitter.com/#!/LeftyBollocks/status/523165173394452481 Because of course they aren’t. Why would you want an Ebola Czar with actual medical knowledge when you could have an election truther who is also the hackiest hack in all of hackdom instead, right guys? Protect us? HA! This is why Obama tapped Ronald Klain as his Ebola Czar. @michellemalkin @TwitchyTeam This new Czar isn't here to help the people of the United States. He is only to help Obama look good! — Jason A. West (@JasonAaronWest) October 17, 2014 Obama appointed @RonaldKlain to protect him…. not you. — EducatédHillbilly (@RobProvince) October 17, 2014 Ding, ding, ding! All […]

‘We got this guys’: Wow, don’t you feel better after WH’s Ebola presser? [photos]

by M-Kline-Guru
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http://twitter.com/#!/markknoller/status/518142177420259328 This afternoon, officials held a press conference on Ebola at the White House. It was about as reassuring as you’d expect from any White House presser. Which is to say, not really very reassuring at all: WH Homeland Security Advisor Lisa Monaco says US using "whole govt response" to control Ebola epidemic at its source. pic.twitter.com/sXaRT9kZnx — Mark Knoller (@markknoller) October 3, 2014 Whole government? Oh, thank goodness! At WH briefing on Ebola, HHS Secy Burwell says US has the health care system "to contain this disease." pic.twitter.com/hSpLtJJ2Fd — Mark Knoller (@markknoller) October 3, 2014 Is that so? MT […]

Fear and Rumors Hinder Containment of Ebola Outbreak

by B_Rutledge
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Health workers teach people about the Ebola virus and how to prevent infection, in Conakry, Guinea March 31, 2014.Image: Youssouf Bah/Associated Press It sounds like the perfect script for a horror movie: A virus with no vaccine and no cure kills hundreds of people; despite containment efforts, it keeps spreading. But it’s actually all too real in West Africa, where doctors have said Ebola is now “out of control.” While scientists dig for clues that could help develop medicine or better vaccine, the only prevention technique remains isolation. And despite health care workers who wear hazmat-like suits, use bleach as […]