Nana The Earless Pit Bull Had A Rough Beginning, But Now She’s Happy As A Clam

Nana the earless pit bull was rescued from the plight that too many female dogs experience: repeatedly forced to birth litter after litter of puppies, the poor girl wasn’t allowed to live her own life. Nana’s previous owners kept her in a cage and watched her health and spirits drastically deteriorate without a care…absolutely horrible. […]

Kid Leaves Dog Carrying Heartbreaking Note on Man’s Doorstep (Video)

Mr. B Image source: Paul Wu  of  Kirkland, Washington, was pulling his car out of the driveway and saw a dog he’d never seen before. “He would not go away, and I stop he comes up to me,” he said. Wu found a bag hanging around the dog’s neck, carrying money, and a note. […]