Swimovate Poolmate Live Lap Counter Swim Watch with Vibrating Alarm, Black

PoolMate Live | Automatic Lap Counting Watch

New large-display design makes the Live the most stylish and functional PoolMate yet
The PoolMate Live

The PoolMate Live is the newest addition to the Swimovate family. It features classic PoolMate lap counting ability, along with a unique user-settable vibrating alarm so you don’t need to pause for even a second to know how you’re doing – set it to buzz when you reach a certain number of laps, distance, or time period during your practice routine. The Live’s modular design also allows you to connect the download clip ($35 sold separately) and upload your data to a PC or Mac for graphical analysis, making it the perfect swim watch for the aspiring amateur and professional alike.

Key Features
  • Customizable alerts for mid-swim notifications based on time, distance, or laps swum
  • Large character display for easy reading with goggles
  • User-replaceable battery with 2 year life
  • Lap-by-lap analysis via removable download clip (sold separately)
  • Premium design with sapphire crystal and ceramic bezel
Swimovate PoolMate Live | Lap Counting Swim Watch

The Live’s modular design lets you upload your swim to a PC or Mac.
Feel the Buzz

The PoolMate Live’s buzzing alert allows you to be your own swim coach. You can set it to notify you at any lap, time, or distance interval, making it perfect for any kind of training on your own. The underwater vibration means you never have to stop to check how you’re doing, and really focus on your swim.

Innovative Swim Technology

The Live’s modular design lets you decide when you want to take it to the next level. When you want to get a deeper look at your progress, purchase the download clip to upload all of your swim data to a PC or Mac for further analysis on our Swimovate Swim software. The Live also features our longest battery life yet – up to 2 years, and the specially designed back plate and battery port allows you to conveniently change the battery at home on your own. The strap fits wrist sizes 14.5cm (5.7″) to 21.5cm (8.5″). All Swimovate watches are backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.