Sunroad Digital Fishing Barometer Watch – Altimeter, Thermometer Fx702 Silver

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*Adopt super-accuracy barometric sensor from Swiss;
*Barometric pressure for 6 fishing places can be tracked wherever you are;
*24 hours barometric pressure trend chart;
*Barometric pressure change arrow indication;
*Smart remind you automatically when there is a suitable air pressure at fishing place
*Storm alarm.
*Incorporate altimeter, barometer, thermometer, weather forecast and time functions etc.
*30m waterproof.
Display range:300hpa to 1100hpa(8.8 to 32.6inHg)
Unit:Millibar and INhg unit switch available;
Barometric pressure trend chart: Record last 24hours;
Barometric pressure change arrow:Indicate future 24 hours;
Data record for fishing places:Barometric pressure,temperature,fishing water depth and record time;
Fishing places:6 fishing places can be tracked wherever you are;
Pressure calibration:One key calibrate pressure for fishing places;
Fishing time:Fish icon will display on LCD;
Display range:-2296 ft to 29500ft(-700m to 9000m);
Altimeter measurement:Sea level altitude/Climbing altitude;
Unit:M and Ft unit switch available;
Display range:-20℃ o 60℃(-4℉to 140℉);
Unit:Celsius and Fahrenheit unit switch available;
Weather forecast
Forecast:Forecast for future 12 to 24 hours weather;
Four weather status:Sunny-Slight sunny-Cloudy-Rain;
Time & Date
Display mode:24H or 12H available;
Backlight:Display mode:Highlight EL backlight;
Water proof level:30m
Package include:
1X Digital Fishing Barometer Watch;
1XCR2032 button battery;
1X User Guide

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