Outdoor Chronicles: Sunlight

Discover The Easiest Way
To Get Better Health

All the same health benefits of going outside can still be yours with our virtual outdoors... in 15-20 minutes per day.

Sunlight Growing

Tap In To The Hidden Benefits of Outdoors The Right Way...

We now have research that verifies 15-20 minutes per day of looking at outdoor photography, landscape pictures get you almost all the same benefits to your health as being outdoors.

How It Works

We have state-of-the-art high-quality photos, landscape photos or similar.

You dedicate time to focus on the pictures and be in the virtual outdoors.

We help you monitor and track your health metrics to prove the benefits.

Sunlight Growing

What You Get With Our Products

Beautiful High Quality Outdoor Photos

Hand selected and reviewed for your maximum benefits

Organized Progression of Landscapes and People

To help you get deeper into the virtual outdoors and immerse yourself

Descriptions Inside
Each Book

Written by professionals to maximize the health benefits you get

In-depth Presentation of the Real Outdoors

Many top-quality landscape photos in each book so you get multiple uses
Sunlight Growing

Frequently Asked Questions

Seriously, health benefits from outdoors?

Yep, there is a body of scientific research that demonstrates about 12 health benefits-- like lower blood pressure, better focus and so on. You can check this link to see more info if you want.

But, why can't I just go outside?

Oh! You can, and we highly recommend it. But for some, going outside and enjoying the outdoors is a struggle... many are confined or disabled, some choose not to, and many others (guilty here too) choose not to go outside. Maybe you're traveling and need a way to enjoy a virtual outdoors.

And you're telling me looking at outdoor photos is as good?

Right. I know... everyone's a bit skeptical. But it's true and also part of all that documented scientific evidence from before.. Seriously 15-20 minutes per day, really really focused time (you do have to put your phone down).. you get about the same benefits.

Where do you get all those high-quality photos?

Great question. It's a mix really... we have pro photographers we use if we need something specific; we also have several sources of pro and top-quality photos.

Why wouldn't I get photos like that myself?

You are more than welcome to do that. But so you know, we put in hours and hours on each project... sourcing the best possible photos for the topic or subject. And, we add the benefit of our professional writers to help you get "immersed" so you spend your time focusing on your health and not all the extra junk.

Are there alternative formats?

Yes, there are videos and we're making more all the time. We also have an app in development, but that one's tricky... we want you to put your phone down actually, so if the books are embedded into an app... well, you get the picture.

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