Son Sobs I Dont Want My Mom to Die6 Yrs Later, Mom Never Saw This Horrifying Twist Coming

It was the phone call that is every mother’s worst nightmare…

Meet Mary and Ruth, identical twin sisters.

For the first decade of their childhood, they looked exactly the samebut around age 11, Mary started to put on weight. An inferiority complex soon built up as even their mother would refer to Ruth as “the pretty one.”

She was the perfect twin, and I wasnt, said Mary on Oprahs Where Are They Now?.

The feelings of guilt and shame only perpetuated the self-hate, and Mary continued to pack on the pounds. She eventually hit a number on the scale she never thought she’d see: 420 pounds.

Mary was a staggering 300 pounds heavier than her twin. Once identical, now nobody could even tell they were related.

Fearful that she could end up like her sister, Ruth developed anorexia and bulimia in her effort to cope with the struggle. Mary’s choices were not only sacrificing her own health, but they were also causing pain for those around her.

Mary had no idea that her 13-year-old son Chris was heartbroken over hersituation as well. For the first time, she got to hear him pour his heart out to her on the show when he choked out these words through tears streaming down his face: “I’ve always wanted to say to my mom, ‘Just stop eating because if you keep on going you can die, and I don’t want you to die because you’re my mom.’ I’ve never told her that.”

Mary was wrecked over her son’s words. “I never knew he felt like that,” she replied as she wiped away the tears.

However, it was still hard to break old habits, and the will to change just wasn’t quite there.

…until an unexpected tragedy ignited just the motivation she needed.

Six years later, Chris died in a terrible car accident. Mary was absolutely devastated by the loss of her son, but she would never forget those words he told her as he poured his teenage heart out.

Now, 130 pounds lighter, Mary is determined that Chris’s deepest desire not be in vain. He will forever be her inspiration to get healthy and to live, because he could not.

Watch as a horrible tragedy motivates this mother to grant what she never knew would be her son’s dying wish…


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