Sigma Sport ROX 6.0 CAD Cyclocomputer, White

Sigma Sport products are synonymous with quality, value and outstanding customer service. Sigma products are hand tested and packaged in the Chicago suburbs, guaranteeing reliable performance. The SIGMA ROX 5.0 is a triple wireless training computer at an unbeatable price. It features a programmable HR training zone and 4 intensity training zones allowing for both short term & long-term goal setting. When paired with the optional USB docking station, the 25 hr. log capacity allows you to download and analyze your data on SIGMA’s DATA CENTER 3 evaluation software. Countless functions to maximize your training time in the saddle. Key Functions include: Triple wireless (Speed, Cadence, Heart rate), Lap counter, Temperature, 25h log capacity, 10 second recording interval + Running mode, Includes bike mount and running wrist band.