Sigma Sport BC16.12 STS CAD Double Wireless 16 Function Bicycle Computer with Cadence

Sigma Sport products are synonymous with quality, value and outstanding customer service. Sigma products are hand tested and packaged in the Chicago suburbs, guaranteeing reliable performance. The BC 16.12 is the training computer in SIGMA’s Topline12 product range offering cyclists the ability to measure cadence to increase performance. It delivers all of the essential ride data on a large, easy to read, full text display. Additional features like the countdown timer, stopwatch and the Smart Backlight will help you achieve your training goals. Includes a low battery indicator and an integrated storage chip that maintains settings and total values while changing the battery. 16 Functions: Speed, Distance, Average speed, Maximum speed, Comparison of current speed to average speed, Clock, Ride time, Temperature, Cadence, Average cadence, 2 bike Programmable, Stopwatch, Backlight.

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