She hid $95,000 from her husband for 50 years. When he found out why, he was blown away.

There was a man and a woman who had been married over 50 years and shared everything with one another.

Everything except one thing. An old shoebox. The woman forbid her husband from touching it. He obliged and really didnt think anything of it. But then the woman became hospitalized. That old shoebox, which by now the man had actually forgotten about, was now suddenly mentioned by the woman.

She believed that the end may indeed be near. So she gave permission for the man to actually open up the mystery box. He propped up a ladder and climbed up to retrieve the old shoebox. He then opened it and was shocked at what he saw. Two crochet dolls and $95,000 dollars!

He indeed was shocked, as well as confused. He rushed back to the hospital and asked his wife what this was all about. The wife responded, A little before our wedding, my grandmother told me the secret to a healthy marriage is to never argue. So, whenever Id get angry with you, Id hold my tongue and Id knit a doll. The husband was moved. He had seen that only two dolls were inside the box, and that meant that out of their long 50 plus years of marriage, his wife was only unhappy with him twice! The man proceeded to kiss his wife. He was so overwhelmed, that he almost forgot about the money. But when he did ask his wife where all the money had come from, she simply, and shockingly, replied: Oh, its the money I made selling all the other dolls.”

Well now that must have turned around the husbands ego in a heartbeat, right? Share this wise womans words with all your friends and family to spread the importance of having a healthy and positive relationship for many years to come.

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