Sen. Lisa Murkowski thinks she’s enrolled in Obamacare

by EleanorHooks
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Sen. Lisa Murkowski on Twitter

After 3 days, on and off, of browser glitches & frustration, I believe I’m enrolled in the DC healthcare exchange

DC Health Link, the Washington, D.C. health insurance exchange, has proved to be a mighty hurdle for more than a couple of would-be enrollees. Rep. Darrell Issa was met with an error message on his first attempt. GOP Rep. Bill Flores tweeted his “awful” experience, which included installation of a new browser, four hours on hold and “dozens of pages of error messages.”

Sen. Ted Cruz staffer Amanda Carpenter also live-tweeted what she called her “freaking infuriating” experience, which stretched over a period of days. So it’s no surprise to see Sen. Lisa Murkowski complaining of three days of “browser glitches and frustration” before finally being enrolled in the D.C. health insurance exchange; that is, if her application isn’t one of 10 subject to errors.

Keith Davidson on Twitter

@lisamurkowski Also, some undesirables may have gotten your data, as well. I don’t mean to be a wet blanket, but this party is LAME!

LoneWolf907 on Twitter

@lisamurkowski Why? Not why so long, but why sign up? It needs to be repealed ASAP along with anyone who voted for it.

Why sign up? Lawmakers and their staffers are required to.!/WmSchreader/status/410222011181318144

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