Rep 6-digit Programmable Interval Timer for CrossFit and MMA – 1.8 inch High Numbers

Mini version of our 6-digit programmable interval timer! This one is perfect for home gyms. Display has bright, clear 1.8″ high LED lights that can be seen from 20+ yds away. Strong remote works from 30+ feet away. Unit measures 13.5x4x2″ Do not be fooled by imitators! This timer is custom made by Rep Fitness and includes features based on feedback from our customers, which are not found on other timers. Features include:

  • Clock mode with option for HH:MM:SS, HH:MM and 24/12 hr option
  • Count Up timer
  • Count Down timer
  • Stopwatch to hundredths of a second
  • Interval Mode with up to 9 rounds of work/rest with varying work/rest for each round. Can repeat up to 99 rounds. Intervals are saved to 1-9 button on remote so you don’t have to reprogram each time. Work/Rest intervals now shows the Round # as well as whether it’s a work or rest period, up to 99 rounds.
  • Repeat Mode which repeats work/rest interval up to 99 rounds. Can be saved to 1-9 button on remote.
  • Sound On/Off allows you to turn on/off the buzzer for round end/start
  • 3-2-1 Go Timer counts down from 10 and makes beep noise at 3-2-1- go. Can be turned off for immediate round start.
  • Dimmer allows you to adjust brightness to suit your environment 
  • 3 pre-programmed modes: Tabata, 3-round Fight Gone Bad, and 5-round Fight Gone Bad.

Includes: Timer, Remote, 10-ft Power Adapter, Wall-mounting Hardware. High quality construction with aluminum frame and clear plexiglass front cover. 1 year warranty

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