Professional Multifunction Military Army Metal Sighting Compass High Accuracy Waterproof Compass Green Color

Key Features:

1. Size: 65*53*26mm . Material: Metal, glass

2. Waterproof and shakeproof

3. This compass with luminous display inside, convenient night clearly viewing

4. Sighting window with sighting line

5. Reference table to estimate distance and scope

6. With one Ueasy shopping bag and Ueasy special Packing Box.

7. With English instructions.


Offering a little different style to the traditional Military style compass, there is no flip up optic to peer through (like in a traditional lensatic compass). This model uses a true sighting optic that allows you a direct read of the internal compass card housed in the fluid filled capsule. And the vertical lubber line of the sighting optic lets you take full advantage of the 1 degree resolution used on the compass card.

1. Made of metal construction

2. To measure direction, longitude and latitude, horizontal and so on

3. Sighting window with sighting line

4. North arrow

5. Floating compass dial with 360°scale

6. Rotary dial with 360°scale

7. Luminous magnet arrow

8. Bezel ring

9. Inch / cm scale

10. Adjustable prism lens

11. Liquid-filled

12. Bubble level

13. Reference table to estimate distance and scope


1. The compass are not allowed to be too close to the magnetic field, the pointer maybe disturbed, please use away from magnetic fields.

2. Luminous effect refers to the phosphor powder under natural light, fluorescent lamp, etc, can be seen after irradiation. For the longer the irradiation time, luminous indication is more durable. There is no luminous effect without light.

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