Pedometer for Walking Measures Step Count Calories Used Distance and Exercise Time with Advanced 3d Technology Plus 30 Day Memory Function . 60% Off Special Offer Pedometers for Walking Steps and Miles with Calorie Counter and Target Measuring Feature

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The Greatest Gift In The World Is Your Health Preserve It Walk Now

Walk Now Pedometers Give You The Edge

Why You Should Choose This Pedometer
* Advanced 3D Technology Greatly Increases Accuracy
* This Advanced Technology means it can be worn in a number of positions * Measures Walking Distance and Step and Calorie Count
* Allows for setting of Targets and shows progress towards your Target
* 30 Day Memory Function
* Belt Clip Included
* Step Error Correction Technology avoids counting sudden movement as an exercise activity
* Ligthweight and Super Easy To Use
* Pedometers for Walking , Steps and Miles, Calorie Count , Training Distance and More

Advantages Of Using Pedometers

By setting targets and recording progress the chances of achieving goals are so much greater. Watching progress is a great motivator and drives consistently higher levels . A summary of 26 studies by the Harvard Medical School shows that pedometer users walk 2000 more steps per day than non users. Walking is One of the healthiest activities . Walk Now


You will love your ‘Walk Now’ pedometer . In the rare event that it does not perform to your expectations you have our ironclad money back guarantee . Simply return for a full refund.

Our Pedometers undergo rigorous testing to meet the high Standards we set

The Greatest Gift in Life Is Your Health . Look After and Cherish It

Walk Now and You Will Look and Feel Better

Your Walking distances will be greatly improved by the sheer motivation of this stylish , compact and efficient tool

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