New Jersey places NBC News crew exposed to Ebola in mandatory quarantine Friday

Jim O’Connell on Twitter

Someone on Nancy Snyderman’s NBCNewsCrew broke their ebola quarantine.Don’t know who it was but I guarantee you the producer will get blamed

As Twitchy reported, NBC News earlier this month announced that an American cameraman working for NBC in Liberia had tested positive for Ebola. NBC airlifted the cameraman to the States, and the news team working with him, including NBC News’ chief medical correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman, was asked to isolate itself for 21 days, monitoring their temperatures, not shaking hands, and washing their hands and feet with bleach.

The New York Daily News, however, reports that the group was placed in a mandatory quarantine Friday night by the State of New Jersey.

In a deal with the CDC and the New Jersey Health Department, the NBC News crew agreed to stay home and take their temperatures for 21 days after one of their colleagues was diagnosed with the virus. At least one of the crew members broke that order, prompting health officials to make their confinement mandatory.

Someone on the team broke that CDC-brokered deal this week, New Jersey’s Health Department said Friday.

“Unfortunately, the NBC crew violated this agreement and so the Department of Health today issued a mandatory quarantine order to ensure that the crew will remain confined until Oct. 22,” the state said in a statement.

Was Dr. Snyderman herself the one who violated the agreement? Maybe. The website claims that several witnesses saw Snyderman out and about:

Several Planet Princeton readers reported seeing Snyderman in public this week. One reader allegedly saw Snyderman sitting in her car outside of the Peasant Grill in Hopewell Boro Thursday afternoon. A reader reported that a man who was with her got out of the car and went inside the restaurant to pick up a take-out order. Another man was in the back seat of her black Mercedes. Snyderman had sunglasses on and had her hair pulled back, the reader said.

Who violated voluntary #Ebola quarantine @DrNancyNBCNEWS? … Quarantine must only be for some of us some of the time

— karla holloway (@ProfHolloway) October 11, 2014

Dr. Nancy Snyderman reportedly leaves voluntary ebola quarantine. NBC news crew now under mandatory quarantine.

— KatCara (@Ktcarang) October 11, 2014

Can a couple of the 4000 troops Obama sent to Africa guard Dr. Nancy Snyderman from wandering around New Jersey during her quarantine?

— Dethrone Harry Reid (@RufusKings1776) October 11, 2014



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