Nana The Earless Pit Bull Had A Rough Beginning, But Now She’s Happy As A Clam

Nana the earless pit bull was rescued from the plight that too many female dogs experience: repeatedly forced to birth litter after litter of puppies, the poor girl wasn’t allowed to live her own life. Nana’s previous owners kept her in a cage and watched her health and spirits drastically deteriorate without a care…absolutely horrible.

When she was surrendered at age eight, she was finally able to start experiencing happiness and love.

As you can see, Nana absolutely loves her life now.

But she wasn’t always a contender for happiest pup on the planet…quite the opposite, in fact.

Her vet estimates she had 14+ litters of puppies in her lifetime. That’s about two litters per year.

Not only was this sweetheart treated like a means to an end — an object — she was also neglected.

Her vets can only guess that she’s left with no ears due to a botched ear-clipping procedure when she was very young.

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The breeders wanted her to look like the stereotypical “tough pit bull,” with pointy ears…obviously not who Nana is at all.

But no one took proper care of her following the procedure, and after numerous infections…she was left deaf and earless.

Her teeth were almost all gone when she was rescued, too.

Either they were removed to keep her from biting humans and male dogs, or they fell out from neglect.

She has no problem chowing down on food…

…destroying toys, and nibbling on furniture just like any other dog, though!

Since Stephanie Doris took Nana into her home in 2013, the pup has learned to trust humans and enjoy the world around her.

Doris is a first-year medical student and failed foster mom…once she realized how special Nana was, she couldn’t let her go!

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Now they’re inseparable.

One of Nana’s favorite things to do is ride in the car.

She’s an outstanding copilot! Though she hasn’t learned to stick her head out the window, she loves to watch the world go by.

She adores going on adventures of any kind!

When she lived in California, Nana used to love splashing around in the waves. Doris was sure she’d be afraid of the water, but she waddled right in with a big smile on her face! Now that the two live in Nevada, they have a great time splashing around at the dog park instead.

What’s her favorite activity? Sleeping.

She takes it very seriously!

After all those years of living in fear and discomfort, who could blame her for getting in all the nap time she can.

She deserves the rest!

Though Nana’s deaf and can’t hear how much her mom loves her, she definitely knows it.

Doris has one key thing to say about her baby…

“She is my treasure.”

(via Huffington Post)

When asked what Nana likes to do in her free time, Doris summed up her answer with a perfect reflection of the girl’s resilience: “Nana absolutely loves life now. It’s truly incredible to think of everything this dog has gone through. To be able to forgive, move on, trust, and love again is so special, and so inspiring. If she can do it, anyone can!”

If you’d like to check out more of Nana’s happy days, definitely like her page on Facebook! Let her remind you that even when times seem like they’re at their worst, you can work toward a brighter future!

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