Muscle Driver Clock Gone Bad Tabata Interval Timer

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The Clock Gone Bad frame is 8.5″ high and 21″ wide with 5″ high numbers that can be seen from a hundred meters out. The timer has a remote control that gives the user the ability to start Fight Gone Bad or a 20/10 TABATA by hitting one button. One ping to begin work two pings to begin rest. The timer has a 10 second countdown for every workout to give the users time to prepare. The timer pings four times at the end of the countdown for 3-2-1-GO! The timer can be programmed to count up to or down from a set time. Timer has holes that are 16 inches apart to hang on wall studs. Remote control range is 40 meters. Acts as a clock when not used. Batteries included. Timer weighs 5lbs. So drop the stop watch and put up a timer that everyone in your box or garage can see at a glance.

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