Mom’s Newborn Son Cries Out In Pain. When She Opens The Fridge And Realizes Her HORRIFYING Mistake..

Lucinda recognized that her 2-week-old son was acting strange. It was June of 2014 and this Iowa mom knew that something was not right as her child began crying and simply would not stop. This was not the type of crying that indicated hunger, this was something else, and as soon as her baby Ezras skin turned red she knew it was something serious.

With a 102 degree temp, Lucinda rushed baby Ezra to the hospital. There he had a spinal tap performed, revealing a bad case of listeria meningitis. This is an infection of the brain, and the news was naturally devastating to Lucinda.

Usually this comes from something the mother had eaten during or prior to delivery.

So what was it that Lucinda ate that is causing this horrible situation to occur to her 2-week-old baby?

When her son was showing signs of strange behavior such as crying all day long while his was skin turning red, Lucinda knew something was very wrong.

She proceeded to rush baby Ezra to Childrens Hospital & Medical Center.

Turns out Ezra has listeria meningitis which is a dangerous infection of the brain.

Naturally Lucinda was devastated. She believed she had done everything right to make sure that she would produce a healthy child. She already had a 2-year-old and had experience with child birth.

Usually it is a food consumed during pregnancy that causes the listeria meningitis.

So the question is, what did she eat?

Cold cuts.

Yes, that means deli meats, cheeses, and deli products which are refrigerated and served cold. These can host listeria bacteria as it can live at the refrigerated temps. Turns out pregnant woman should not eat deli meats. Babies immune systems are unable to fight off listeria meningitis if it occurs.

The food would need to be heated all the way through and literally steaming hot to kill off the bacteria. So cold cuts like ham, turkey, salami, and bologna, and even hot dogs, are unsafe for pregnant women.

If they didnt treat Ezra in time or didnt diagnose the meningitis? According to Lucinda, she would have lost the baby. She now wants to get the word out there so that other pregnant women dont consume this kind of food as she had.

This is definitely something that all parents should be aware of. Share this with everyone you can so that word can get out and awareness can be spread.

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