MAYMOC Professional 30 meters Waterproof Hiking Fishing Barometer Altimeter Gauge Meter Altitude Above Sea Storm Warning Function Table

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You want to know what pressure situations go fishing? With it, you can always grasp the atmospheric pressure changes, no longer have to worry about empty-handed! Which electronic barometer is to raise fish for anglers the chance.


Digital barometer:V to 300mbar v measuring range. · BAR Mbar and inHg conversion · 24-hour pressure change charts show · Future changes in the air pressure trend arrow indicates

Thermometer: Wide temperature measuring range of-10 ° c ~+60 ° c · Temperature units Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion.

Height measurement:Short press MODE key to enter, the status displays the current temperature value, absolute altitude values, relative altitude values.

Fishing spots air pressure data logging: 6 Group catch data logging · Record data such as pressure, time

Fishing spots air pressure correction function: Calibration of pressure in real time on saved locations, always understanding the local barometric pressure changes (scope: about 300 km) · Suited to fishing pressure can be set reminders

Historical data is automatically recorded in three days: To record weather, barometric pressure changes over the past three days, the highest pressure value, maximum, minimum temperature value.

Weather forecast: Sensitivity to the weather forecast shows that 3-hour forecasts of weather conditions.

Displayed in different weather conditions: sunny – cloudy – rain.

Date and time: 12 and 24 hour time format

Calendar display

Blue LED backlight: High brightness blue LED backlight

Size: 53 X 14mm

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