Man Wears Heart Monitor During Proposal To Show How Nervous He Was

We Heart It

We Heart It

Why try high-intensity exercise when you could propose and get a similar workout? On a recent trip to Rome with his girlfriend of three years, Redditor Sesipikai brought along his heart rate monitor belt.

He planned to propose to his girlfriend at the Roman Forum, located just outside the Colosseum, and was curious to see how the nerves would affect his body.

It turns out he was more nervous than he’d thought.

Using both the monitor and GPS data, the 28-year-old tracked his motions throughout the afternoon, from eating ice cream to beginning the proposal in his head.

The hiked rate is dramatic and sudden, attributable only to nerves, and reaches about 125 beats per minute. That’s nearly more than double his resting heart rate of 60 bpm.

The data was so popular, one mischievous Redditor even suggested they recreate the experiment on Sesipikai’s wedding night.

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