Kestrel 4250 Racing Weather Tracker w/Bluetooth – Orange

4250 Racing Weather Tracker w/Bluetooth – OrangePart #: 08425BKnowing how the weather influences the way a car drives is the first step to optimizing performance. The Kestrel 4250 Racing Weather Tracker is the next generation of weather monitoring. Even slight fluctuations in weather conditions like temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and density altitude can affect your car’s performance. Kestrel Weather Meters provide quick, accurate information to help you decide what changes need to be made, before even making a lap around the track or a pass down the drag strip. The Kestrel 4250 is part of the Kestrel 4000 series, which is now available with Bluetooth Technology. The wireless capabilities allow you to immediately transmit both real-time and logged data automatically to a laptop.In pits around the country, racers have been trading in their bulky and expensive weather monitoring stations in favor of the portable Kestrel 4000. Now, Kestrel is proud to introduce a unit designed especially for them – the Kestrel 4250 Racing Weather Tracker. A 2000 point data log lets you keep track of the conditions for each race day, and the optional computer interface lets you upload all the data to your PC or laptop – making long-term storage, in-depth analysis, and detailed charting of stored data a breeze.If you select the Kestrel 4250 with Bluetooth, it is not necessary to purchase an interface separately. The new Kestrel Meters with Bluetooth include the software necessary to communicate wirelessly at a range of up to 30-feet.The 4250 Racing Weather Tracker measures every environmental condition with unrivaled ease and accuracy – and all in a cell-phone sized package. Temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and density altitude are all continuously measured, and data is stored either manually or automatically. Portable and easy-to-use, Kestrels give r