Kestrel 3500 Pocket Weather Meter – Yellow

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3500 Pocket Weather Meter – YellowPart #: 0835The Kestrel 3500 Weather Meter has the most functions of any Kestrel Meter in the 3000 series. The Kestrel 3500 measures temperature, wind speeds, barometric phenomena, pressure trends of up to 3 hours, and more. The Kestrel 3500 provides a complete range of weather measurements, but does not log accumulated data like the more high-tech weather meters of the Kestrel 4000 series. For those who need a full reading of only the latest weather information, the 3500 is the ideal Kestrel Meter.The Kestrel 3500 Wind Meter has all the capabilities of the Kestrel 3000, plus:Barometric PressurePressure TrendAltitudeClockIn addition to the Kestrel 3500’s pressure trend indicator, it also has the advantage of altitude and barometric pressure measurement. With these features on hand at any time, the Kestrel 3500 becomes an ideal weather instrument for outdoor enthusiasts, sportsmen and women, and anyone else that will benefit from accurate and up to the second weather and barometric information.The Kestrel 3500’s easy to use menu system scrolls through 9 different environmental measurement conditions. It has an external temperature sensor with a waterproof casing that allows you to gauge the temperature of water, snow, and the open air. The sensitive and user-replaceable impeller technology provides accurate wind speed info, and a hard slide-on case, lanyard, and battery are included.The Kestrel 3500 accurately measures:Barometric pressurePressure trendAltitudeRelative humidityHeat stress indexDewpointWet bulb temperatureWind chillAir, water, and snow temperatureCurrent wind speed, average wind speed & maximum wind gustReal-time clock Waterproof and floats b

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