K-Edge Aero Handlebar Computer Mount for Garmin Computers (Black)

Aero Garmin Mount- for Garmin EDGE 510, 500, 200.

Compatible with K13-580 K-EDGE Action Camera Mount adapter.

Replaceable Garmin interface insert.

An Aero Garmin Mount? Really?

We received this questioning reaction a lot when debuting this mount to the public at the recent tradeshows. It actually wasn’t our idea. Team SKY switched to K-EDGE mounts for Paris Roubaix to ensure their computers stayed attached over the cobbles. At the Amgen Tour of California, Team SKY pulled us onto the bus and made three simple requests:

1. A more Aero leading edge of the Garmin Mount, like the leading edge of the Garmin EDGE itself, to remove drag.

2. A shorter mount arm to place the Garmin EDGE 510 computer they race with as close to the stem faceplate as possible.

3. Have these on their bikes in three weeks for the start of the Tour de France.

How much more aero are these mounts? Well, as Team SKY has shown, even marginal gains add up to victory. And yes, they had them for the start of the ’14 Tour de France. These improvements, combined with the flush to the top of the handlebars positioning and the worlds strongest computer mount, may make this the ultimate upgrade.

Purchase the K13-580 K-EDGE Action Camera Mount adapter to attach your GoPro mount camera to this K-Edge Garmin mount (or any K-Edge garmin mount).

Made in the USA. Made in Idaho.

Lifetime warranty.