iStyle® Ultra Thin Outdoor Sports Silicone Waterproof Digital Gym Running LED Adjustable Wrist Watch – Orange


* Unique waterproofing standard for up to 30 meters deep submerging in the water, you can either wash hands, wash the face or take a shower etc.

Function Overview:

* Displaying Time and date via LED digital tube

* auto-calendar

* 12 hours system

* One-button operation

* Power-saving Mode: auto-off on OSD if no button actions were taken within 3 sec.

Mode selection:

* Press the button to activate the LED display

* Choose Time mode, Date mode, and Micro chronometer Mode by press the button sequentially

* PS: The dot in front of the “Hour” means “PM”

Data Setting:

* In “Time Mode”, Long press the button so as to get into the “Setting Mode”. When the “hour” starts flickering, single-press the button to modify the number. Keep long-pressing the button to swift the object to be set, which would be “Hour”, “Minute”, “Month”, “Day” in sequence, and all of them can be modify by single-pressing the button.

* When you finish modification, auto system will turn the mode back to “Time Mode” in 5 sec.


* Please avoid lighting up the LED display continuously for a long time. When it’s in low battery, the brightness of the LED display will dim out. User should swap the battery that is in the same specification.

Package included: 1 x LED Watch