How Well Do You Know “Arrested Development”?

  1. 1. We all recognize that Lindsay Bluth was voted “Best Hair” in high school, but what was Michael Bluth voted?

    1. Nicest Smile

    2. Class Clown

    3. Most Likely To Succeed

  2. 2. When do Carl Weathers and Tobias first meet?

    1. In an airport shuttle.

    2. In an cooking class.

    3. In a Burger King.


    In an airport shuttle.

    Tobias had previously attended one of Carl’s acting classes but he was never actually showed up.

  3. 3. What is the name of the movie Maeby and George Michael see together at the movies?

    1. Kissin’ Cousins

    2. Les Cousins Dangereux

    3. Marry Me!


  4. 4. Name the following cartoon character:

    1. Banana Dan

    2. Mr. Banana-Grabber

    3. Mr. Banana Man

  5. 5. Name the song that plays during this exact walk:

    1. The Peanuts theme song

    2. “Christmas Time Is Here”

    3. “The Final Countdown”

  6. 6. What is the name of Franklin and GOB’s album?

    1. Franklin Comes Alive

    2. Franklin And GOB

    3. It’s Not Easy Being White, It’s Not Easy Being Brown


  7. 7. What is Ann Veal’s middle name?

    1. Mary Magdalene

    2. Eve

    3. Peter

    4. Paul



  8. 8. Which of the following legal troubles has Barry NOT been involved in?

    1. Sued for his anti-gay remarks

    2. Arrested for picking up an undercover officer

    3. Fined for drug trafficking in the bar he purchased, The Queen Mary

    4. Running over Tobias with his car

  9. 9. George Michael enlisted the help of his uncle GOB for his class election. In the end, what percent of the votes did he get?

    1. 1%

    2. 5%

    3. 21%

    4. 49%


  10. 10. Which of the following is NOT a subject that Buster has studied?

    1. Native American Tribal Ceremonies

    2. Costume Design

    3. Archaeology

  11. 11. What are the names of Andy Richter’s four brothers?

    1. Donnie, Emmett, Chareth and Rocky

    2. Donnie, Tommy, Mark and Emmett

    3. Donnie, Rocky, Sandy and Todd

  12. 12. Kitty Sanchez has been romantically involved with each of the following Bluth men except for…

    1. George Sr.

    2. GOB

    3. Michael

    4. Tobias


    Michael never became involved with Kitty.

    “Say goodbye to these!”

  13. 13. Why does GOB’s tooth whistle?

    1. He was forced to buy a candy apple after Michael forbid him from freebies at the banana stand.

    2. He fell out of a window from jail.

    3. He injured himself while performing an illusion.


    It was the candy apple.

  14. 14. Phillip Litt, creator of “Girls with Low Self-Esteem,” shares what affliction with a Bluth?

    1. He’s a never-nude.

    2. He has vertigo.

    3. He has delusions of grandeur.


    He’s a never-nude!

  15. 15. Which of GOB’s illusions was used as a cover for George Sr. to flee?

    1. The “Disappearing Yacht”

    2. The “Free Chicken”

    3. The “Magic Coffin”


    The “Free Chicken”

  16. 16. What song did Oscar write for David Cassidy?

    1. “The Big Yellow Joint”

    2. “I’m Oscar”

    3. “All You Need Is Smiles”


    The song was called “All You Need Is Smiles.”

  17. 17. What is the name of the drug that Dr. Funke’s 100% Natural Good Time Band once promoted that Lindsay took later in life?

    1. Forget-Me-Now’s

    2. Zanotab

    3. Teamocil


  18. 18. What word pops up in succession when you run “GOB’s Program”?

    1. Pen15

    2. Penus

    3. Penis