Hipsters, Rejoice! A Company Will Give Your Baby A Cool Name For $32K

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Parents want their children to be special and unique.

Well now, at least their names can be with the help of a Swiss company called Erfolgswelle.

The company claims they can make up a name for your child that has never been used before.

And they can do it for the low, low price of $32,000.

That price tag allows Erfolgswelle to employ a whole team of people to ensure your baby’s name is truly one of a kind.

They will have 14 people brainstorming names, four historians, 12 translators to make sure the name doesn’t mean anything bad in another language and two attorneys to make sure the name doesn’t belong to a brand or company.

After approximately 100 hours of work, the team will present 15 to 25 names to the expectant parents.

Once a name is chosen, the team will then create a story surrounding the name.

The CEO of the company, Marc Hauser, said,

Based on the elements of the new name, we create a story with a positive message around the name. That’s why all the parts of the name need a positive message in it. We often combine words in a new order. It’s like composing music or drawing; like all creatives, we transform existing elements into new, never heard creations. Or we find fantastic words that were never used before as pre-names.

Hauser refused to reveal any of the created names, but he did mention once a name is out in the world, it can be used by anyone.

So, some of these names won’t be original forever.

I wonder what kind of crazy names this company is cooking up right now.

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