Fitbit Unveils a Smaller Pedometer, Plus a New Item Called Zip


Fitbit unveiled its new pedometer called One, plus a new product called the Fitbit Zip on Monday.

The marquee product — a pedometer you can wear on your belt or, for women, in the center of your bra — is now equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and more social sharing features. This is the latest version of the Fitbit Ultra.

Fitbit also unveiled a smaller, wider pedometer called the Fitbit Zip. At $59.95, the Zip costs less than the Ultra; it has the same social features as the Ultra (available for $99.95), but runs on a watch battery that lasts four to six months, so users don’t have to charge it.

Fitbit One:

CEO James Park said the new products address user concerns about the previous Ultra (e.g. the fact that it could be easily lost) by creating cases for the new pedometers that cling to the devices more securely.

Users don’t have to plug the new Ultra into a charging station to sync information with their smartphones and the Fitbit website. Using Bluetooth, they can automatically update their profiles just by being near a computer.

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