Fit-Meter WP-806 3D Digital Pocket Pedometer with Smart Tri-Axis Technology; Tracks Steps, Distance, Speed, Time & Calories Burned; Helps Men, Women & Kids Track Activity & Get Fit by Walking

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The Fit-Meter Tri-Axis Pedometer is the Most Effective Way to Track Your Activity

We are all in search of ways to stay fit or lose weight… and staying active is the best way to accomplish both, but without goals and ways to track your progress against those goals, it’s hard to consistently stay motivated to continue with any activity. There are many books available based on the idea of getting and staying fit by walking 10,000 steps a day. Now 10,000 steps a day may sound like an incredible amount, but you would not believe how many steps you actually take each day so the trick is to track those steps. The Fit-Meter WP-806 Tri-Axis pedometer is the perfect solution to track your steps/activity and track your progress against goals you set for yourself.

Walking is a Natural Daily Activity with Countless Health Benefits:

• Improved Fitness/Stamina

• Weight Loss

• Better Sleep

• Improved Cardiovascular Health

• Improved Mental Health

Fit-Meter WP-806 Features:

• Stores 7 days of data (steps, distance, speed, time & calories burned)

• Superior accuracy in any position with Latest Tri-Axis Sensor technology

• Easy to set-up, read & use

• Ultra slim design – Fits in any pocket/purse

• Includes Belt clip, lanyard & battery

Lifetime, No-Hassle, Free replacement Guarantee!

Click the “Buy Now” button & start tracking your activity!

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