DIZA100 DW64 Wireless Activity and Sleep Track Smart Wristband – Green

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[Tracks Steps] Record and track steps accurately.
[Distance Measurement] Measure your daliy walking distance precisely.
[Calorie Consumption Mangement] Calculate the consumption of calorie, record the daily burn-up calorie.
[Sleep Cycle] Monitoring your sleep cycle automaticaly, record the quality of sleep.
[Time Display] Sysnc your smart phone with LED digital time display.
[Reminder] Setting reminder for dringking, taking, meeting, sitting for too long or other cusuomized alarm.
[Call & Message Reminder] when incoming calls are not answered in certain time, the smart wristband will remind you by vibration(iOS unavailable).
[Burst Shot] self-timer function(iOS unavailable).


Compatible with iOS 6.1 or above & Android System 4.3 or above.
Display Size: 0.49 & 0.91 inch OLED screen.
Charge method: Standard USB charging.
Battery: 40mAh polymer battery.
Standby time: over 4 days.
Bluetooth: bluetooth 4.0.

App Installation:

Download the APP of the wrisband Find Movnow plus from Andriod Market or Apple Store.

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