Digital Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Pulse Monitor Heart Beat Meter Hematomanometer Turgoscope Hemopiezometer Turgosphygmoscope


Brand new and high quality

Measure your blood pressure and pulse rate at the same time

Portable and easy to operate

A perfect tool to understand your body condition

Memorize the measuring data and time of the most recent 60 times


White case + grey wrist band

Case size: 65*60*25mm

Wrist band width: 72 mm

Wrist circumference: about 275mm

Pressure range: 40-280mmHg

Pulse range: 30-160 times/minute

Pressure accuracy: ±5mmHg

Pulse accuracy: ±5%

LCD displays Blood Pressure (Systolic and Diastolic), Pulse, Date, Time, Low Battery Icon, Heart Icon, Memory Record Number

Battery life: about 300 times (180mmHg, 1 time/day, 22°C)

Inflation: automatic inflation by internal pump

Deflation: automatic speed deflation system controlled by internal electromagnetic valve

Storage capacity: 60 memories

Package included:

1 x Wrist blood pressure monitor

1 x Box

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