Community Post: 14 Serious Reasons To Get Your Laughter On

1. 1. Gets your blood pumping

Laughter boosts both your respiration and circulation as well as helps with better blood flow.

So get a good laugh in and start pumping that blood!

2. 2. Reduces stress

Laughter can help keep your stress hormones (such as cortisol and epinephrine) under control.

I mean, even Dr. Evil could get a good laugh in, and look at how much he had going on!

3. 3. Fights diseases

A good laugh stimulates your immune system (agents such as NK cells, lymphocytes, B cells, and T cells) and helps it function properly to help you fight off infections and diseases.

And you just have to keep in good health if you want to be the commanding officer of the USS Enterprise.

4. 4. Natural painkiller

Laughter triggers the release of those feel-good endorphins so you feel better, naturally.

Oh Jack, your smile just kills me, and not in a “red rum” kind of way.

5. 5. Good exercise

Workout your diaphragm, shoulders, and abdomen. It is estimated that laughing 100 times is equivalent to about 15 minutes on an exercise bike, and the more the laugh, the more of a workout it is for your whole body!

Because we all know you don’t get exercise just talking about sports.

6. 6. Gives you a different perspective

Once you can laugh at something, you can look at it in a different light, and hopefully survive whatever it was.

So dry up those tears Kristen, unless they are tears of joy!

7. 7. Builds relationships

Sharing a laugh with a friend, partner, acquaintance, coworker, or even a stranger is the best way to feel connected to the other person.

Because this bro-mance between Channing and Jonah is just the perfect amount of sexy and funny put together.

8. 8. Raises self-esteem

In social situations, you always feel more relaxed and more at ease with a little laughter.

Which is usually helpful if you ever start off a conversation with “I love lamp” because you have nothing better to say.

9. 9. It takes more muscles to frown

Facial expressions use up muscles too, and although it may take about 26 muscles to muster up a smile, it take a whopping 62 to frown.

Way to turn that frown upside down Kirsten!

10. 10. Age better

A good laugh produces an increase in HGH (anti-aging hormone) as much as 87% (according to Loma Linda University researchers).

Even the muppets can keep up appearances, and these two have been around for a while, looking chipper than ever!

11. 11. Get a good night’s sleep

Laughing during the day can help produce more melatonin, which is the sleep agent that is released at the onset of sleep.

Just you keep laughing, little missy. Mom and Dad are going to sleep good tonight too.

12. 12. Makes you more attractive

Because who likes someone who scowls all day? Someone who is funny and has a good laugh is almost as good as that hottie down the street.

Okay, okay. He’s attractive enough as is. But that smile is just too damn adorable to pass up!

13. 13. Gives you more energy

It increases your oxygen intake and releases toxins, giving you the extra boost you need in the middle of a long day.

And sometimes you just need a little break from it all.

14. 14. Laughter is free

And who doesn’t like something that’s free?!

Although if it wasn’t, I’m sure Michael would buy enough for everyone. What a legend.

15. So you keep laughing, world! <3

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