Community Post: 10 Reasons “Thor: The Dark World” Is Really The Loki Show

1. Australia

Esteban La Tessa / Facebook: LaTessaPhotography

Where’s Thor?

2. China

REX USA/Top Photo Corporation / Rex

Nope. Still no Thor.

3. South Korea


I think I see a Thor…

Also the birth of dancing!Tom

4. England

REX USA/Richard Young / Rex

Chris Hemsworth and the rest of the cast actually showed up in England. But they had a “Looki-Lokis” costume contest and not a Thor one so I think that says a lot.

5. Germany = meeting the most epic Loki Cosplayer Ever

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Tom also Kneels to said Loki

And surprises us with juggling!

And still no Thor.

6. USA

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Tom takes over the YahooMovies Instagram and not Chris aka Thor

7. Loki does Comedy Central TV Spots

Comedy Central / Via trust—my—

Mentions of Thor but no Thor

8. Slumber Parties with Josh Horowitz Happen

Thor Shirt to remind us that Thor is in the movie/it’s his movie.

9. And well you get the point

Even Chris acknowledges it.

10. So why don’t we all just surrender and

Sorry Thor

Marvel Entertainment / Via

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