Clay From ’13 Reasons Why’ Reveals Where Season 2 Will Pick Up

No one asked for it, but its happening anyways Season 2 of is in development.

And, thanks to a hint from Dylan Minnette, who played Hannahs friend Clay Jensen, we now know where exactly this Season 2 will pick up in the lives of the troubled teens.

In a recent interview, Minnette revealed that Season 2 will take place a few months after the events of Season 1 AKA Hannahs suicide.

When asked where he thought his character might be headed, the 20-year-old actor told the Hollywood Reporter,

Naturally, Id love to see Clay escape his demons from Season 1. Id like to see him in a healthier place. The show takes place a few months after Season 1. Im curious to know how Clay has coped the last few months.Did he find closure? Is he moving on? Part of me wonders if hell be able to escape his anxiety, but I doubt it because that would make for compelling storytelling if he still has anxiety.


A-HA! So were a few months in the future! I guess that means, unless there are more flashbacks, Hannah (and actress Katherine Langford) wont be around much for the new season.

But who will take over as narrator of the story for Hannah, then?

According to executive producer Tom McCarthy, it wont be just one replacement. There probably will be more than one, he said when asked about the narrators.

Showrunner Brian Yorkey backed this statement up, adding, There are 12 kids who have another version of those events that we actually havent heard from yet.

So basically it sounds like well get inside the heads of these 12 other reasons why, and see how the kids are coping with that guilt and pain of losing Hannah.


Of course, we also need to find out what happened to Alex Standall who had a suicide attempt of his own at the end of Season 1.


And no, there wont be any more tapes a fact Minnette seemed pretty happy about.


I dont have to wear headphones anymore! he said. I dont have to listen to a Walkman anymore!

I guess wearing headphones really isof teen dramas.

No word yet on when Season 2 ofwill premiere, but stay tuned!

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