CatEye Padrone Smart Cyclocomputer

Please check to see if your smartphone model is compatible. The Padrone Smart connects with your smartphone through the CatEye Cycling App. The Padrone Smart is mounted on your handlebar or stem, while the smartphone is stashed out of harm’s way in a pocket or saddle bag. In Mirror mode, the smartphone records ride data and transmits a copy to the Padrone Smart. Phone call and email alert icons are also displayed. The phone is kept in sleep mode, preserving the battery. The Padrone Smart can work with Bluetooth Smart Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate and Power sensors in this mode. When smartphone use is not an option, Sensor Direct mode can be used as a back up. Sensor Direct mode syncs the Padrone Smart directly with the Bluetooth Smart Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate and Power sensors, so important ride data is always available. Post ride, the data is easily uploaded from the App to CatEye Atlas, Strava and Training Peaks.