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More people need to see this

by Diet Tera
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Imgur has a lot of useful information, curated by thousands of people. For my benefit and yours, I've compiled an index of some of the most popular, with descriptions of each post. ← read this first! It has most of the information you need to be a good imgur citizen, and answers many newbie questions. Other useful imgur stuff: Reaction gifs archive – Common abbreviations – "How do you make it out of user sub?" – Imgur offical blog (fascinating) – EDIT: message me any mistakes / incompleteness and I'll fix it up. EDIT: lists…

Creative Father Makes Crazy Photo Manipulations With His Three Daughters

by Columbus_Diet
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John Wilhelm is a 44-year-old IT Director at a Swiss university with a passion for photography and digital art.  Some of his most wonderfully creative photo manipulations are of his girlfriend Judith and their three young daughters – Lou (5.5 years), Mila (2.8 years) and Yuna (6 months). John agreed to share his awesome work with Bored Panda and give us an interview. John‘s photos are surreal and eclectic. “I guess I watched just a little too much TV and played too many videogames when I was a kid,” he said, explaining his many sources of inspiration. [Read more…] Although […]