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This Is The Tragic Thing That Followed The Heartbreaking Suicide Of Robin Williams

by Latrice
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On August 11, 2014, beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams committed suicide at his home in Paradise Cay, California. The 63-year-old had been secretly struggling with Lewy body dementia — something his wife believes was a huge factor in his decision to end his life. News of the tragedy spread like wildfire shortly after Williams died. Many headlines described how he’d hanged himself with a belt, later detailing his battle with depression. Unfortunately, as Mother Jones reports, Williams’ highly publicized death may be the reason for an alarming rise in suicides in the following months. In a new study published […]

6 Apps You Don’t Want To Miss

by LesleyCTrainer
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6 Apps You Don’t Want To Miss (11/3/2012) Pandora Pandora updated its mobile app this week, finally bringing features available in the web version of the service to mobile. The biggest update to the iPhone and Android apps since launch, the updated app makes it easier to access different stations, rename stations you’ve already created, and view station details. You can also spice up an existing station on the fly by adding additional artists, genres, or tracks to the mix. Movember Mobile It’s November, which means it’s time for Movember, a yearly month-long moustache-growing charity event that raises awareness and […]

If You Wanted an Easy Way to Netflix While Cooking, Here You Go

by Jerry_S_Diet
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Via: 21geeoff21 Read more: http://cheezburger.com/8248169984

This is what we feed our kids?! Students send in pics of their nasty school lunches [10 photos]

by LCopeTrainer
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It’s a well known fact that childhood obesity is a growing epidemic in the US, yet many schools continue to serve lunches that have little to no nutritional value. And the problem isn’t a money one. According to the folks behind Fed Up, “There is no major cost difference between nutritious and not nutritious food at schools.” And yet, Fed Up reports, 71% of kids are unsatisfied with the lunches they’re served at school. They wanted to do something about it, so they encouraged over 25K kids to participate in their “true state of school lunch,” a project that resulted in 7,025 photos being […]

“Last” African Dinosaur Before They Went Extinct Discovered In Morocco

by EloiseDiet
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One of the last dinosaurs roaming Africa when the fatal asteroid hit the planet some 66 million years ago has been discovered in a mine in Morocco. The incredibly rare find, which is a fragment of jaw belonging to a large carnivorous dinosaur, helps build a picture of what Africa looked like at the end of the Cretaceous. While much is known about the plants and animals living in North America during this period, almost nothing is known about what was going on in Africa. Identified as belonging to a type of Abelisauroid known as Chenanisuaurs barbaricus, the fossil helps […]