37 Delicious Vegetarian Recipes For Thanksgiving

View this image › View this image › 1. Sweet Potato Carrot Latkes View this image › sweetpotatochronicles.com Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgivukkah or not, these crispy sweet potato cakes are the perfect appetizer. Recipe here. 2. Truffled Mushroom Deviled Eggs View this image › theowlwiththegoblet.blogspot.com Recipe here. 3. Pear, Shallot, and Delicata Squash Soup View […]

How To Make A Healthy, Delicious White Bean And Kale Stew

View this image › When most people think “stew,” they think “meat.” And they’re not wrong: The broken-down collagen in bones and connective tissue is what thickens a thin soup into a hearty stew. But as your Winter Stew Correspondent, it is my duty to advise you that even in the frozen armpit of winter […]

Top 10 National Dishes You Should Try

Most regular readers of Listverse will know that I am a food fanatic. It started as a child watching my family members baking on the weekends, and ultimately led me to try to teach myself French cuisine. Recently, I have been on a Korean food kick, and I can’t get enough of it. Because so […]

Which Food Network Chef Is Your Spirit Animal?

1. How do you take your chicken? In Taquitos Parmesan-Crusted Fried In Tacos With Garlic As Sesame “Drumettes” 2. What’s your favorite color? onefineart.com Pink Flickr: psd Red Via fineartphotoblog.com Green free-images.gatag.net Yellow thesunnygirl.wordpress.com Blue yaymicro.com Orange 3. What’s your happy hour order? Strawberry Margarita Blueberry Sangria The Sea Donkey Lime Sherbet Punch Concord Grape […]

30 Delicious Things To Cook In September

View this image › etsy.com Calendar by Modern Printed Matter. WHAT’S IN SEASON: (This will vary depending on time of the month and where you live) Apples Arugula Beans Beets Corn Cucumbers Eggplant Fennel Figs Grapes Mangoes Melons Okra Pears Peppers Plums Pumpkins Raspberries Shallots Sorrel Summer squash Tomatoes Watercress Watermelon Winter squash 1. Roasted […]