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Everyone Knows That Prison Is Bad. But What You’ll Find In These 25 Is A Horrifying Nightmare. OMG.

by HillaryMDiet
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Those who commit terrible atrocities deserve to go to prison. However, if a criminal was sentenced to life in any of these prisons, it would be a punishment worse than death. These 25 institutions across the world are infamous for being filled with rape, torture, disease, cannibalism and massacres. It would be more humane to kill the inmates instead of letting them live out the rest of their lives here. It’s appalling. 1.) Stanley Prison, Hong Kong: One of the six maximum security facilities in Hong Kong built in 1937. Before Kong Kong eliminated capital punishment in 1990, it was […]

How Well Do You Know “Arrested Development”?

by HazelS
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View this image › 1. We all recognize that Lindsay Bluth was voted “Best Hair” in high school, but what was Michael Bluth voted? Nicest Smile Class Clown Most Likely To Succeed 2. When do Carl Weathers and Tobias first meet? In an airport shuttle. In an cooking class. In a Burger King. ✓ X In an airport shuttle. Tobias had previously attended one of Carl’s acting classes but he was never actually showed up. 3. What is the name of the movie Maeby and George Michael see together at the movies? Kissin’ Cousins Les Cousins Dangereux Marry Me! ✓ […]

30 Forgotten Horror Films That Are Worth Revisiting

by GildaDale
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1. Frogs (1972) View this image › MGM Director: George McCowan The wealthy Crockett family has a beautiful plantation on a lake in Florida. Patriarch Jason (Ray Milland) hates the natural wildlife and orders an exterminator to spray pesticides around the house. That’s when the fauna start fighting back — not just frogs, but also snakes, lizards, birds, spiders, leeches, and turtles. It’s absurd horror with a message: Namely, don’t fuck with Mother Nature. 2. Deathdream (1972) View this image › Blue Underground Director: Bob Clark U.S. soldier Andy Brooks (Richard Backus) is shot and killed in Vietnam. Before he […]

What Happened To These 10 Patients Makes Me Never Want To Go To A Hospital Again. #9 Is Terrifying.

by Health Guru
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All humans make mistakes; it’s just part of our nature. There is an unfortunate truth, though, that we all must accept. Even the professionals that have our lives in their hands can make mistakes. When you’re under the knife in an operating room, your surgeon can make an error at any point. (After all, he is human… probably.) It’s horrifying to think of a doctor opening you up and then somehow forgetting to do the right thing. Complications during surgery happen and they typically aren’t the result of mistakes. Still, removing the wrong organ or leaving surgical tools inside of patients? That shouldn’t happen. Even the doctors […]