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There Are 2 Things About These Beautiful Images That You’ll Miss. But When You See It… Wow.

by DPriest
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The Maldives is a gorgeous island nation in the Indian Ocean-Arabian Sea. It’s known for its clear water and natural beauty, so it’s easy to understand why artist Zaria Forman focused on the chain of atolls in one of her most recent projects. She spent September of 2013 in the island paradise, inspiring these sets of images. However, these aren’t just photos of beautiful ocean scenery. She hoped to raise awareness of a very real predicament the Maldivians are facing: the entire nation could be underwater within this century. The island nation, due to rising sea levels, could soon be underwater. […]

23 Reasons October Is Obviously The Greatest Month Of The Year

by DietNona
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1. You get to watch Halloweentown! View this image › Disney Channel / Via 2. Also, because there is a God, you can watch Halloweentown 2! View this image › Disney Channel / Via 3. But it gets better: you can also watch Halloweentown High!! View this image › Disney Channel / Via 4. Did I mention Halloweentown? View this image › Disney Channel / Via 5. Obviously because you get to watch this skeleton cab driver. View this image › Disney Channel / Via 6. And dream about owning a microwave that does spells. […]

You Can Now Eat A Pear Shaped Like A Baby. So, So Creepy.

by C_Tharp
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There’s a peculiar new item on the shelves of Chinese supermarkets: pears shaped like babies. Seriously. If they thought this would be an adorable way to enjoy a nice snack, they were very, very wrong. I feel weird enough eating something called “baby spinach,” but this is so much worse. It’s one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen.  Someone must have been reading a little too much into their copy of A Modest Proposal. Doesn’t this make you hungry? So. SO. Creepy. Still growing, still creepy. I can’t imagine what even inspired someone to do this. I was never […]